Meri's Family History
Welcome to my Family History Page!

This site showcases what I've learned about family history in the thousands of hours of research I've done over the last twenty years or so. While I don't offer professional research services for others (though I've been known to look things up for people on a volunteer basis), I want to share some of my knowledge with other family history aficionados.  The real benefit of this site for me personally, however, is having people discover that someone in their family tree is also in my family tree. It's exciting to get an email from a new cousin and fellow genealogy enthusiast! Often they'll send me digital versions of vintage photos or tell me family stories that I didn't know. They're often able to provide new factual details about their ancestor, who might have been a sibling of my great-grandparent or great-great grandparents, for example.

Currently, I don't have a family file online. A few nameless people had copied my file and claimed the research findings and text as their own --- it was strange reading verbatim my memories of my grandparents in the files of people I'd never heard of. Maybe I'll get over my disappointment with those violations one day and link my file (currently over 25.000 people indexed), or maybe I'll strip out text and just post the file with names and dates. We'll see.  In the meantime, if you find a familiar family name below and want to share info on specific people, contact me using the form below. It may take a while for me to get back to you, as I'm not as wrapped up in family history as I once was. 

Meri's Family Tree includes these surnames

BLISS , BLOMGREN, BURT (Henry Burt of Springfield, Massachusetts), BUTT, CART (KARG), CLAYTON, COFFEE COX, DEVER (Pennsylvania & Kentucky), DISHMAN, ELLIS, FARMER, FRY or FREY,  GRAVES (Capt. Thomas Graves of Jamestown), HAYCRAFT, KELLY of Berkeley County, (West) Virginia and Nelson County, Kentucky, Leedom  (John Leedom of Ireland),  LILE or LYLE (of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, and Washington) , MARSHALL (Capt. James & Elizabeth Marshall of Rockingham County, Virginia), MOORE (Thomas & Eunice Bell Moore of Washington & Greene Counties, Pennsylvania), MOUTRAY, MURRY, REED, ROSECRANS (ROSENCRANS, ROSACRANTS), SEATONSOULE (George Soule, signer of Mayflower Compact), WATSON, WEEDMANWELLS and many others.

NOTE: The names in gold contain links to external websites or to individual family pages on this site.
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