The Lile (Lyle) Family
The Isaac Lile (Lyle) & Catherine Fry Family
Isaac Lile (1836 - 1920), son of John H. Lyle and Catheren Fry Lyle of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

The parentage of John H. Lyle and Catheren Fry, the progenitors of my family's LILE line, has been difficult to determine.  According to research done in the 1920s and 1930s by Estel and Verna Harmon Lile, John was born in Cooperstown, presumably in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1795. Catherine Fry or Frey was born in December 1806 in Pennsylvania. She was said to have been descended from early Pennsylvania settler Heinrich Frey. Pennsylvania online records are sparse and years of research didn't yield definite answers. DNA matches suggest Catherine was the daughter of Gabriel Frey (descendant of Heinrich Frey) and Susannah Deardorff and that John Lyle was the son of David Lehew and Elizabeth Smith. I still can't figure out how Lehew changed into Lyle or Lile, but I guess that's a mystery for another day.

John Henry Lyle died about 1845 in Pennsylvania; Catheren Fry Lyle remarried to William Thorp about 1847, probably in Westmoreland County. No marriage record has been found.

Thereafter, Catheren moved to the Summit-Medina County area of Ohio with Catheren's younger children. William and Catheren had two additional children before 1850. I have not found Catheren, her new husband, or the two Thorp children in the 1850 Census. (I did, however, find numerous Lile/Lyle children living with families in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at that time.) After William's death, Catheren apparently resumed the use of  her former married name as her surname, as she is found in Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio under the name "Catheren Lyle" at the time of the 1860 Census, as indicated in the census image on the left.

Catheren died in January 1870 and is supposedly buried at the "Old Dutch Church" in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio although I cannot independently verify the burial site. Searches in Wayne County and Medina County, Ohio for obituaries and probate files have been fruitless.

Children of John Lyle & Catheren Fry:

James Lile b. c. 1825  Pennsylvania; d. unknown - nothing further is known of him. It is possible he died fairly young.

Harriet Lile - b. January 10, 1829 Pennsylvania; d. February 6, 1854 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. She was said by Verna and Estel Lile to have married a Mr. McClure, but no documentation has been found. She doesn't appear in the 1850 Census in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania where most of her siblings lived at that time.

Mary Lile - b. November 7, 1830 in Pennsylvania d. January 20, 1904 in Ransom, Hillsdale County, Michigan. At the time of the 1850 Census, she was living in the home of Harriet and William Beeler in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She married Daniel Calbetzer on October 27, 1859 in Medina or Summit County, Ohio. Daniel, the son of Peter and Jane Calbetzer, was born November 14, 1833 and died August 9, 1891 in Wright Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan. Daniel and Mary Lile Calbetzer were the parents of Theodore CalbetzerEllen Calbetzer, and Albert Welmon Calbetzer.  Daniel and Mary are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Ransom, Hillsdale County, Michigan.

Jeremiah Lile - b. March 6, 1832 in Pennsylvania; d. January 13, 1856 in Wayne or Medina County, Ohio. There was a smallpox epidemic in the area about this time, but I don't know whether he died of illness or injury. At the time of the 1850 Census, Jeremiah was working in a boat yard and living in the home of William and Sarah Bake.  It's obvious that Catheren Lile had to place her older children with local families after her husband died. She may have chosen the households in which the boys were sent to live because the head of household could teach the youngsters a trade, such as boat-building. Often, however, there was some kind of family connection between the widowed mother and those who took in her children.  

Hannah F. Lile - b. October 16, 1833 Pennsylvania; d. March 17, 1901 probably in Webster, Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She married Andrew Barnes White about 1849, probably in Westmoreland County where they appear in the 1850 Census.  Barnes was born in January 1828 in Pennsylvania and died after June 2, 1900 most likely in Rostraver Township where he was living at the time of the 1900 Census. Barnes was a miner. They were the parents of Andrew J. White (b.c. 1851); George A. White (b.c. 1859 in Westmoreland or Allegheny County, PA); and Laura A. White (b. Mar 1860 in Westmoreland or Allegheny County, PA). Laura White's married name was Blystone and she wrote a letter to Mary Lile Colbetzer and Isaac Lile informing them for her mother's death. I have been unable to trace Laura White Blystone and her descendants, if any.

Levi Lile  (Lyle) - b. October 29, 1835 Pennsylvania; d. June 18, 1903, Weaversville, Medina County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Boyer on May 14, 1865 in Medina County, Ohio following his service in the Civil War. Elizabeth was born in March 1843 and died after the date of the 1910 Census, most likely in Medina County, Ohio. Levi is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio. Levi and Elizabeth were the parents of Laura D. Lile,  Ada M. Lile,  Mary J. Lile, and Ida Ellen Lyle. I have found no marriage records for the eldest three girls. Ida Ellen Lyle married Bert Cox around 1898 and they were the parents of Leona, Effie, Walter, Oliver, Alfred, and Floyd Cox. Mary J. Lile or Lyle apparently also married a Cox as her first husband and had two sons: Leroy and Willard Cox; her second husband was Ervin Gensalio and they were the parents of at least one child, a daughter, Joyce Gensalio.

Isaac Lile - (twin) b. December 12, 1836 Cooperstown, PA  d. January 31, 1920 Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon (influenza epidemic). Isaac was the only brother still living at the time of the Civil War who did not serve in the Union forces. By 1859, he was living in the "Wally Valley," Walla Walla County, Washington Territory, plying his trade as a cobbler and bootmaker. Elders in the family recount that he was desperately homesick for his mother and siblings by about 1861 and had decided that, when the next wagon train went east, he was going to join it. Fate intervened, however; at a dance just before he was set to go home, he met young Sarah Caroline Ellis, who had just arrived in Walla Walla by wagon train with her widowed mother (Sarah Jane Farmer Ellis, widow of David Ellis) and numerous siblings with their families. Isaac was entranced and he and Sarah married shortly thereafter. Sarah Caroline Ellis Lile was born in 1841 in Allegany County, Maryland and died November 4, 1887 near Pomeroy, Garfield County, Washington. Isaac and Sarah were the parents of three sons: Levi Townsend Lile (named Levi for Isaac's brother and Townsend for Sarah's brother); George David Franklin Lile (the only son who married and produced grandchildren - his wife was Sarah Emoline Clayton, whose family is discussed on another page); and Charles Arthur Lile. Levi died at about 13 years of age and Charles Arthur died in his late 20s. The transmitters of family oral history recalled that Charley had been kicked in the chest by a horse. Perhaps it only felt that way; county death records stated that he died of consumption, another name for tuberculosis.  (For an article on Issac  Lile, his wife Sarah Caroline Ellis, and their children, click HERE)

Jacob Lile - (twin) b. December 12, 1836. At the time of the 1850 Census, he was living in the Samuel Todd household in Rostraver Township, Westmoreland Count, Pennsylvania. His wife's name is believed to have been Roseanna Stump and she was born in Pennsylvania to German immigrants. They probably married in Ohio or Michigan, but no marriage record has been uncovered to date. They were the parents of Mary E. and Oscar W. Lile. Mary was born about 1864 in Ohio and Oscar was born in 1870 in Michigan. At the time of the 1870 Census, Jacob and Rose were residing in Clinton County, Michigan. In 1880, they lived in Fork Township, Mecosta County, Michigan with son Oscar Lile, daughter Mary Lile Hillman and her new husband Charles W. Hillman. Charles and Mary became parents in July 1881 when their daughter Cora M. Hillman was born.  (Cora married and later divorced a Mr. Stone -- they were parents of Verla Stone. Cora and Verla were living with the widowed Roseanna at the time of the 1910 Census. )  Oscar Lile married his wife Nellie W. Haskell in Mecosta County, Michigan on May 25, 1893. Oscar and Nellie were the parents of Florence O. and Carl F. Lile.   Florence died at twelve years of age of pulmonary tuberculosis. Carl Lile resided in Fork Township, Mecosta County, Michigan in 1918 when he was eighteen. The name of his wife and later details of his life are unknown; according to cemetery records in Flake Cemetery, Mecosta County, Michigan, he died in 1955.

Allen D. Lile - b. March 2, 1838 in Pennsylvania and d. April 19, 1911, probably Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Allen was living with Abraham and Sarah Layton in Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at the time of the 1850 Census.  Allen D. Lile followed his sister Mary Lile Calbetzer and her husband to Hillsdale County, Michigan. There he met and married Miss Cornelia Deuel about 1861. She was born about 1840. Their first child, a son, was Perry Darwin Lile, was born about 1862 and during his infancy, Allen enlisted in support of the Union cause as a private in Company F, 18th Michigan Infantry on August 15, 1862. His unit saw battle in the South. Allen was a member of a 200-man detachment that was sent to reinforce the garrison at Athens, Alabama, where they came under attack and were captured by Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He and his surviving compatriots were held as Confederate prisoners of war for several months, then were exchanged for Confederate prisoners. After their release, they were marched to Vicksburg, Mississippi to be loaded on a riverboat steamer to be returned to their homes in Michigan. Unfotunately, the riverboat was the Sultana. Near Nashville, Tennessee, the ship's boilers exploded, killing 1100 of the 1866 soldiers aboard. (For more information, click here.) Allen was one of the survivors and returned home to Michigan when his firstborn was about three years old.  Children born after his return included: Sarah C. Lile, Marcenia C. Lile; Angelia Dora Lile;  Marion V. Lile; Myrtle A. Lile; and Perley (Purple) E. Lile.  Most of these offspring continued to reside in Michigan. After Cornelia's death, he married again to Lydia Hoage in 1899.

Sarah Lile - b. July 14, 1839 in Pennsylvania; d. April 1, 1920 (place unknown). She had two husbands, said to be brothers: William Henry Harrison Brown and Allen Brown. She married William about 1858, most likely in Wayne or Medina County, but I haven't found a marriage record. By 1865, she and William had two children: Levi A. and Ida Brown. William most likely died around that time, as she is found with Allen Brown at the time of the 1870 Census in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio. Allen and Sarah's son William was born in October 1869. I have not found her after the 1870 Census, but Estel and Verna reported that she died in 1920. She came to visit her brother Isaac in eastern Washington after the railroad was completed. 

Samson (Samuel) Lile - b. May 20, 1840 in Pennsylvania, d.February 1, 1916 in Wadswroth, Medina County, Ohio. Samuel's first wife was Sarah Richards, born about 1840; died in or shortly before 1872. Samuel and Sarah were the parents of Mary LileCora Lile; and Nina Lile. After Sarah's death, Samuel married Elizabeth Hartman. Elizabeth was born about 1841 and died in 1924 in Medina County, Ohio. They were the parents of Elmer Lile and Blanche Leona Lile, whose married name was Nice. Much of the basic family information (including the names and birthdates of John and Catharen Lile's children), comes from a family Bible which was owned by Blanche Lile Nice and recorded in the 1930s or so by Estel Lile, grandson of Isaac Lile.

Joseph T. Lile
 - b. 11 Jan 1843 in Pennsylvania; d. January 11, 1911 in Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio. Joseph married Catherine Hunt, b. 1839 and died 1903 in Medina County. They were the parents of Ida Lile, who married Frank Reimer. Joseph was 19 years old when he enlisted for Civil War service on 8/7/1862 as a private. On 8/30/1862 he mustered into "H" Co. OH 104th (Volunteer) Infantry. He was Mustered Out on 6/17/1865 at Greensboro, NC. After the war, he returned to Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio. He lived there until his death.

Issac Lile (1836 - 1912) & Sarah Caroline Ellis (1841- 1924)
Children of George and Sarah Lile - about 1959